According to data of a public poll conducted by Razumkov center of economic and social research, 44% of questioned Ukrainians consider that Prime Minister of Ukraine has the most considerable impact upon the situation in the country.

19.2% consider that President Victor Yushchenko has the same influence, 4.3% give the palm of supremacy to VR speaker Oleksandr Moroz. 10.2% named other politicians, and 22.3% found it difficult to answer.   

About two thirds consider that the President and the PM do not carry out coordinated state policy. According to the poll, 74.6% of respondents think that they (high officials – ed.) carry out their own policy, and only 13.3% consider that they act jointly in the interests of Ukraine.

69.9% of respondents do not agree with Yushchenko’s statement that the stage of political stability has begun in Ukraine, 18.7% share the given statement and 11.4% found it difficult to answer.

37.7% of respondents consider that the fact that the government represents the political forces with different views over further development of Ukraine will have negative consequences, 27.4% hold opposite opinion, and 35% found it difficult to reply.

31.4% of respondent consider that appointment and activity of Yanukovych on the post of Prime Minister have assisted with overcoming of contradiction between different regions of Ukraine, 24.2% think that it has intensified contradictions, 27.7% are convinced that it has made no impact.     

2005 respondents of 18 years and upwards were questioned in all regions of Ukraine. Theoretical error does not exceed 2.3%.


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