SPU faction leader Vasyl Tsushko hopes that negotiations with Our Ukraine over formation of a broad coalition will be renewed. In an interview to journalists Tsushko opined that yesterday’s round of negotiations could not be called as a failure.

“Yesterday it was just a kind of first acquaintance between the leaders,” SPU faction leader said and noted that none of concrete questions were discussed yesterday.

Tsushko is convinced that now political forces will hold negotiations with the President, and after that they will again carry on talks and will try to agree. “I would not make a tragedy out of it; we remember the process of signing the Pact,” the deputy stated.

Commenting on yesterday’s decision of OU faction to move to the opposition, Tsushko expressed an opinion that OU would not announce about this move today. But if it happens, it will complicate activity of the whole country, Tsushko noted. “We will again face the situation when the country’s parts meet head-on, and everything we achieved earlier, will be spoiled,” he said.

Tsushko is also sure that even being in opposition Our Ukraine will not be radical, but constructive. “That’s why there is a chance to work in such format, though it will be much more difficult,” he summed up.


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