People’s deputy of Ukraine, member of Party of Regions Taras Chornovil remains calm as regards yesterday’s statement of leader of Our Ukraine faction concerning its move to the opposition.

“Nothing has happened yet. We have only individual statement of Roman Bezsmertny, which was clearly explained by another OU member Anatoly Kinakh, who said that Our Ukraine suspended,” Chornovil noted.

According to him, for the whole time of running the negotiation Our Ukraine has slipped not once, and Roman Bezsmertny has declared about a move to opposition five or six times already.

“Only when Our Ukraine submits an official statement to Oleksandr Moroz, and he in his turn declares about OU’s move to the opposition, only then this statement can be regarded as a fact,” Chornovil underlined.

Additionally, the deputy is convinced that Our Ukraine and BYuT will not be able to agree upon integration. “As far as I know, BYuT does not show much delight on OU decision to join the opposition. BYuT might become a monopolist of the opposition sphere to attract all ‘protesting’ electorate – people, who support oppositional forces,” he noted.

According to Chornovil, BYuT also understands that Our Ukraine will hardly risk integrating, but will create parallel opposition.


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