The Senate of the United States of America permitted to erect a monument to victims of the 1932 - 1933 famine in Ukraine in Washington, DC, a source in the Ukrainian Embassy in the USA said, Cabinet's press office reported.

The relevant resolution was issued on the last day of the current session of the US Congress in a parcel with other bills. The bill was submitted for the Senate's consideration by ranking Democrat, Senator Carl Levin, Michigan. After the bill is signed by the US President it will come into force.

In the USSR times true reasons for the 1932 - 1933 famine were concealed. Presently, some historians believe that the famine was caused with deliberate and targeted actions by the Soviet leadership. This point of view was recognized in the world and the word "Holodomor", meaning "great famine in Ukraine in 1932 - 1933", entered many international documents.


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