President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko underlines the necessity to include all items of the Universal of national unity into the coalition agreement; otherwise, the negotiations must be stopped, President's press office reported.

“Speaking about the work of the coalition, I would say it can only be successful in the context of agreements and values stipulated by the Pact,” he stated in response to the question whether he supported the intention of the pro-presidential bloc, Our Ukraine, to go into opposition and recall their ministers from the government if the National Unity Pact did not become the core of a coalition agreement. 

The President said the formation of a broad coalition was one of the most topical political issues in the country.

“I understand that this issue is being looked at and interpreted differently, but from the standpoint of national interests, this issue must be our priority,” he said, urging all the political forces involved in coalition talks to observe these principles.

The Head of State said compromise could help harmonize political relations in Ukraine.

“I believe that Ukraine will one day have politicians that, just like me, will be able to appreciate the significance of this issue and never again use the subject of differences … between those who live in the east and in the west,” he said.

He believes spiritual and humanitarian issues will pave the way for Ukraine’s reunion.

“These key things will confirm that the political elite care about the unity of the nation and the country,” he said, adding that these values were "the cornerstone of the National Unity Pact."


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