Secretariat Chief of Staff Victor Baloha met with Germany’s Ambassador to Ukraine Secretariat Reinhard Schafers.

In the course of the meeting, the main attenion was paid to Victor Yushchenko’s upcoming visit to Germany and the development bilateral relations.

Baloha said: “Ukraine’s Head of State wants to intensify the political dialogue and enhance economic cooperation between our countries.”

He said the Group on Economic Issues would be an important tool to develop the cooperation.

“We appreciate the progress in trade and investment relations between the two countries,” he said, expressing hopes the second meeting of the Group on October 19-20 would result in “concrete projects of further cooperation.”

Chief of Staff Baloha said it was important for Ukraine's branches of power to coordinate their efforts to successfully implement the country's strategic plans to join the European Union and NATO.

“Now the Presidential Secretariat must ensure the President’s leadership in the area of foreign policy, overcoming confrontation and consolidating political elites,” Baloha hesitated, the president press office informed.

Mr Schafers said Berlin "aims to nurture" political, economic and cultural ties with Kyiv.


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