“The political council of the Our Ukraine bloc has just finished its meeting. We have discussed the situation with the talks on the formation of a Coalition of national unity,” Roman Bezsmertnyi, MP, head of the party Council told "Razom" site.

According to him, some facts are known. “In summer the president initiated roundtable talks and Ukrainian politicians were offered a policy of national unity of the East and the West, the North and the South. But behavior of some politicians, political forces and officials in August-September on the implementation of the Pact and the Memorandum showed that it was problematic to realize this policy,” he stated.

Bezsmertnyi emphasized that some politicians discussed whether they had to observe the National Unity Pact and the Memorandum though they had signed the documents as a guarantee.

“The course of negotiations asks for the answers to the key questions – the leader of the OU party said. – We insist that the text of the Pact to be fully included into the coalition agreement. We also insist that the clauses that concern the guarantee of implementation are also to be included into this agreement. Only under these circumstances we will sign the document.”

“The Our Ukraine will sign the agreement only if it does not contain any reserve – he stressed. – If not, I will initiate a question of our transition into opposition. The political council will examine the course of negotiations tomorrow.”


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