Formation of the active Government has proved that Ukrainian politicians have learned how to find compromises and arrange, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych said in an interview to the Italian Avvenire magazine, Cabinet's press office reported.

"Formation of the Government on the basis of the Universal of National Unity proved our ability to reach a compromise and arrange," he said.

According to Yanukovych, the program, which has been drafted by the active Government, consists of two parts. The short-term part includes measures to overcome the crisis year, attracting as many investments as possible, bridling price rise and normalizing relations with Russia as for gas and oil. We have reached positive results during our meetings with Russian and Gazprom leaders, the gas price will remain unchanged in 2006, Yanukovych said. This will allow pumping gas to our underground gas holders in volumes enough both to satisfy the internal demand and to guarantee uninterrupted transit of Russian gas to Europe.

The second part of the program covers the next five years, aiming to reach the new level of development. Without powerful, modernized and competitive economy, Ukraine will never gain respective place on the world arena, Viktor Yanukovych stressed.


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