On September 29, Victor Yushchenko signed a decree to appoint Iryna Vannykova his press secretary.

At her media briefing on Friday, Mrs. Vannykova explained why she had accepted the job offer: “First of all, I am here because I sincerely believe in the strength of our President and in his ability to change our life for the better. Second, I am truly honored to join the team of young state managers whose values I appreciate.”

The newly appointed spokesperson expressed confidence her media experience would prove useful in her new position, the president press office reports.

Addressing journalists, Mrs. Vannykova said their cooperation was aimedat keepingUkraine’s society informed: “I realize that a well-informed society trusts its government.” She added that Victor Yushchenko had requested her to make relations between the media and the Secretariat “more public, honest and active and to daily report what happens in this house.”

The press secretary promised to follow the best traditions of her predecessor, Iryna Gerashchenko.


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