Ukrspirt, a state monopoly producing alcohol, has announced about rise in price for spirit. The price will be scaled up to UAH 7-8 ($1=UAH 5.05) since October 1, 2006.

The rise in price will be implemented everywhere and may lead to alcohol beverages’ price hike.

Vyacheslav Sokerchak, a President of Alcohol Tobacco Wholesalers and Producers Union, has revealed that Kyivspirt enterprise sent an official letter informing about the rise in price to all alcohol beverages producers. Since October 1, one ton of lux quality spirit will cost UAH 46 (previously UAH 36), extra quality – UAH 45 (UAH 38), high quality – UAH 44 (UAH 37).

The largest operators of alcohol market evenly took this news. It should be taken into account that the grain price has hiked to UAH 150-200 pet ton, the experts say.

Nevertheless, the matter is not in the rise in price, it is quite just, but in the way Ukrspirt makes it – unexpectedly and by manner of order.


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