There are not insoluble problems of Ukrainian-Russian relations, Chairman of the Russian Council of Federation Sergey Mironov declared Wednesday after a meeting with the President of Ukraine.

He added that there are some questions which must be resolved. In particular he drew interlocutors’ attention to one of such problems: “it is not a state-like, neighbours-like and just wrong when dwellers of two villages situated next to the Ukrainian-Russian frontier must overpass 100 km in order to find a check-point.”

In response to the question whether PM Yanukovich’s visits could witness warming of bilateral relations, Chairman Mironov answered: “Such notions as ‘warming’ or ‘coolness’ must not be used. What do you think we had, a war?”

Sergey Mironov refused to comment on a statement made by one of the Russian Foreign Department regarding “the discrimination of Russian language in Ukraine” as he had not read it and could not ground his opinion upon others’ words.

Touching upon the problems connected with Crimean hydrographical objects, Mironov stressed that all issues related to the navigation infrastructure is to be regulated by current bilateral agreement. If question emerges, it will have to be settled at the level of the presidential authorities, governments and defence departments.

Commenting on Yanukovich’s statement on Ukraine’s accession into Common Economic Area (CEA) provided by creation of the free trade zone between countries-members, Russian Chairman outlined that Ukraine being independent country can form its own foreign policy. “We adequately apprehend any statements,” resumed Chairman Mironov.


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