The volume of salary debts increased by 10% from the beginning of 2006 and made more than a milliard hryvnias, as Ukraine’s PM Victor Yanukovych declared speaking on the extended session of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“Inflation tax fell on shoulders of our citizens as a heavy load… when the official inflation made 3.8% in January-July 2006, it was everyday goods and services, prices at which increased the most,” he said.

Yanukovych pointed out that as a result of failed external economic policy Ukrainians came across with unjustified increase of prices at energy carriers, what led to increase of tariffs.

Additionally, instability in economy and artificial rush around re-privatization negatively effected investment climate and image of the country, the PM considers.

The Head of the government underscored that for the latest year and a half macro-economic indices had considerably slowed down. First of all, the matter concerns rate of growth of industrial production (almost by 8%).

Yanukovych pointed out that he did not want his words were treated as criticism of his predecessors, as, according to him, there are chronic unsolved problems, accumulated for years.

“We did not look for an answer to the question ‘Who is guilty’, but immediately determined the top-priority task, which is to return system control to the state government,” the Premier noted.


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