As of July 1, 2006, the volume of direct foreign investments in Ukraine from European Union countries amounted to 13,544.5 bn. USD or 73.7 percent of the general volume of investments. During the similar period of 2005 the amount of direct foreign investments reached 4,967.9 bn. USD.

According to the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, finances, metallurgy and metal processing, whole-sale and trade intermediary services, immovable operations, food industry and agricultural product processing were the most attractive spheres for EU investors, Cabinet's press office reported.

Main investor-countries, which invested 86.1 percent of the EU investments were reported as follows: Germany (5,503.2 bn. USD, 40.6%), Cyprus (2,42.9 bn. USD, 15.1%), Austria (1,506.3 bn. USD, 11.1%), Great Britain (1,435.5 bn. USD. 10,6%) and the Netherlands (1,178.6 bn. USD, 8.7%).

Ukraine's investments to the EU reached 61.1 mln USD, or 26.7 percent of the general amount of Ukrainian investments. Most of investments were directed to Poland (22.1 mln USD, 32.6%), Great Britain (13.9 mln USD, 22.7%), Spain (13.8 mln USD, 22.6%) and Latvia (3.3 mln USD, 5.5%).

The general sum of direct foreign investments to Ukraine, as of July 1, 2006, was 18.3 bn. USD.


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