Iryna Herashchenko, a President’s Press Secretary, has handed in her resignation. She revealed Monday it at a briefing.

Herashchenko have mentioned that the President of Ukraine complied with her request. She also reassured she remains a member of the Yushchenko team.

New ambitious team has come to the Secretariat of the President led by “an excellent captain” Victor Yushchenko, Herashchenko stated. The candidates on the Press Secretary’s job are under consideration now. Responding to the question on the reasons of her resignation, Iryna Herashchenko answered that sometimes it is necessary “to give a help-hand.”

She did not reveal her future plans but made some hints about it: “It is absolutely evidently that I will not be a housewife.” She thanked the President of Ukraine for the honour to work in his team and journalists for their work.


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