Ukraine’s PM Victor Yanukovich and Russian counterpart Mikhail Fradkov addressed the issues related to the gas supply at Friday meeting in Kremlin.

The parties failed to set import gas price for Ukraine for the next year. Besides, Russia did not give any guarantees that the gas price would not be scaled up in the current year.

After the meeting, PM Yanukovich pledged that the agreement on Russian gas supply to Ukraine would be reached within the coming days. “Increasing in the gas price has not been provided in any preliminary calculations. $95 per 1,000 cu m is a principal issue for us,” mentioned PM Yanukovich.

Mikhail Fradkov, in his turn, stressed on Friday: “Aiming at seeking a compromise, we have thoroughly discussed everything but there are no simple answers, so I am not going to quote a price so far.”

Ukrainian PM Yanukovich declared the next year price on gas would be addressed in October.

The main result of the meeting is the reached agreement on 180 milliard cu m supply for 2007-2009. This volume fully covers Ukraine’s needs.


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