The Director of information services of NATO in Ukraine Michel Dure announced that interest in the north Atlantic Alliance is growing in Ukraine.

In a live interview on the show "Breeze" on Sevastopol TV station VMS, Mr Dure commented that he has been working in Ukraine almost 5 years and "I have never seen anything like this before, such a volume of questions about NATO, such interest."

According to him, “people are interested, write letters to our office, organize local round tables and invite us to attend. People say, please come, explain, give us the information (about NATO) or tell how we can find this information.”

Mr Dure added that he was in Mykolayv last week where he met with civic groups, students, and "I haven't seen such enthusiasm for NATO in some time"

He pointed out that office which he heads is in Ukraine is "not there to convince people. We don't want to convince anybody- we want to explain the actual situation, debunk the myths and stereotypes" announced UNIAN

Quoting Dure "To say NATO is Russia's enemy, is a lie, to say that we want to humiliate Ukraine, is a lie to say that NATO is solely an aggressive military alliance is also a lie. We are prepared to explain why these lies exist. We should speak the truth and the more we speak the truth the sooner people will realize that there is something very wrong in their preconceived notions about NATO.”

The head of NATO in Ukraine adds its imperative “to understand that the Russian Federation is intensively cooperating with the Alliance and we have relations with many countries including China, Japan and Australia. We cannot be the world's policeman but we do have vast experience which I believe would be beneficial for all countries from Vladivostok to Vancouver which I consider the Euro Atlantic region. All countries which enter into partnerships or strategic partnerships with us, like Russia, Ukraine and countries of Central Asia, realize the benefits of relationships with us.”


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