It was not firedamp explosion that caused the accident in Donetsk, Donetsk Prosecutor Oleksiy Bahanets has informed.

To this moment the rescuers have founded all victims of the tragedy at Zasyad’ko mine, Donetsk. 13 miners died, 62 persons have been injured.

Vice-PM Andriy Klyuyev, a Chairman of the Investigation Committee informs that the reason of the accident is a sudden methane ejection from the ground not a firedamp explosion.

“All victims have signs of poisoning,” said Klyuyev. The security equipment has snapped into action that is why there was neither explosion nor fire, he added.

The General HQ of the Donetsk State Paramilitary Rescue Service has verified the true reason of the accident. The General Prosecutor’s Office investigators have examined the bodies and as a probable reason of death, they call suffocation.

Bahanets mentioned that all miners were equipped with self-rescue breathing apparatuses. Some of miners had time to use it, and it saved their lives.


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