Ex-PM Yuri Yekhanurov states that all necessary documents on Ukraine’s accession to the WTO have been already finalised.

“I see no problem regarding Ukraine’s accession to the World Trade Organisation. It misses only political will and government’s wish,” said MP Yuri Yekhanurov.

“Ukraine is ready to join the WTO, but formally, it needs to ink some documents with Taiwan and Kyrgyzstan. But these issues are not determinative ones and may not prevent Ukraine from Ukraine’s accession to the WTO,” opined Yekhanurov.

However, he admits the fact that several laws remained to be passed but there are no obstacles to do it.

“Besides, the bilateral treaties inked between Ukraine and other states are international documents. Thereby, these treaties govern the Ukrainian laws,”

“We have prepared everything necessary for Ukraine’s accession to the WTO, and the government has to execute just a technical procedure,” concluded Yuri Yekhanurov.


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