September, 18, Head of the Supervisory Board of the Ukraine 3000 Fund Kateryna Yushchenko took part in the Conference on Global Literacy in New York, invited by Mrs. Laura Bush.

First Ladies from over 30 countries were invited to the New York-based conference, Ukraine3000 informs.

The conference addressed urgent issues of global literacy. Unfortunately, at present there are over 800 million illiterate people, 100 million of them being children deprived of a chance to visit school, with 771 million unable to read, two-thirds of them being women. Thus, the conference concentrated on women's education, since only an educated mother can raise an educated child.

High emphasis was placed on the interaction between education and healthcare, in part, in fighting AIDS. There were cases in global medical practice when women with AIDS gave birth to absolutely healthy children. Such cases became possible because pregnant women, aware of their disease, used all means to preserve the child’s health.

Ukraine’s indices in terms of global literacy are rather good. The literacy level for Ukraine is 99%. Still, our country ranks only 78th in the global rating. This is caused by the short life span of 66.1 years. By the data from the Education and Science Ministry of Ukraine, today almost 60% Ukrainians have higher and complete secondary education. In 2006 Ukraine had 951 institutes of higher education of the 1st-4th accreditation levels, with the total of 2,709,000 students studying in them.


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