Ukraine aspires to be a member pf JAA by the end of the current year. The organisation is responsible for security standards of flight over Europe. Mykola Marchenko, a Head of Ukraine’s State Service for Control of Aviation security, has revealed it Wednesday at the opening ceremony of the II Forum on Aviation Security of the European Civil Aviation Conference.

According to Marchenko, Ukraine is one of the appropriate candidates for accession and presently prepares to audit. “Ukraine is to be audited in the autumn and then it will become a full member of JAA,” said Melnichenko. It means that Ukraine will get an access to European market of such services.

The accession will bring existing demands and guarantees up to European standards. In particular, the rules of technical staff preparation, steward service, professional qualification and certification rules will be made tougher.

“If we are not going to do it then small regional companies might be enlisted in black register,” concluded Marchenko.


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