Bioenergy development strategies are the focal subject of the international conference Energy From Biomass, opened in Kyiv on September 19, Cabinet's press office reported.

The participants were quite outspoken in stating their disagreement with the Energy Strategy of Ukraine, which was endorsed in March 2006 and which envisaged the nuclear power industry's accelerated development.

According to Academician Anatoliy Dolinskiy, director of the NSA's Institute of Technical Thermophysics, energy, derived from renewable bioresources, is twice cheaper than natural gas.

Besides, he argued, Ukraine's heavier reliance on these resources will allow lessening Ukraine's energy dependence, developing local economies, exporting biomaterials to EU nations.

As Heorhiy Heletukha, superintendent of the Institute's division, noted, Ukraine uses only around one million tons of biofuels, which is a meager 0.5 percent of Ukraine's aggregate use of fuels.

The conference has drawn researchers from fifteen nations, including the USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Brazil, Latvia, Slovakia, Belarus.


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