Nine miners killed and one miner found alive after firedamp explosion at 1078 m depth of Donetsk coal mine “Zasyad’ko.” The accident has happened today at 5:10 am. It is still unknown what health condition of 49 miners blocked underground is.
Ukraine's Ministry for Extraordinary Situations has taken control over the situation in Donetsk.

According to Extraordinary Ministry’s preliminary investigation, sudden increasing of methane volume has caused the explosion.

The mine has terminated its work. The dead miners have not been extracted from the blockage.
By 10:42 am two killed andone alive miners have been just found in a coalface.
By 14 pm, the rescuers have found 13 killed miners, the Donetsk Paramilitary Rescue Service informs.

41 miners have been hospitalised to Donetsk Regional Occupational Diseases Hospital, 9 men – to Donetsk Regional Traumatology Centre, 10 miners – to Donetsk Kalinin Hospital, 2 victims – to Emergency and Recovery Surgery Institute.


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