MP Yosyp Vinsky called his expulsion from the Socialist Party of Ukraine rather political than the disciplinary. “It was illegal,” responded MP Vinsky to the journalists’ question.

“I have violated the Party Regulation and have not executed SPU decision to join the Anti-Crisis Coalition – it is clear. However, many people made such violation before, it is clear, too,” said Yosyp Vinsky.

Vinsky points at the SPU decision to join the Democratic Forces Coalition which was ignored by nineteen MPs and they have not been expelled yet.

“What happened to me is only a formal act. I had infringed the Party Regulations and was expelled, but they violated 12 items of the same regulations and nobody comments on it. We must clearly understand that along with treason, cowardice has stolen our party,” stressed MP Vinsky.

In response to the question about his future plans, Vinsky answered: “now I am just a MP and I am going to work in the opposition. What else must I do?!”

“I was perfectly aware of what I had done; I was ready to the expulsion from the Socialist Party,” concluded Vinsky.


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