NATO views the issue of the pace and ways, which Ukraine may opt for in the process of its Euro - Atlantic integration as purely Ukraine's own affair, NATO spokesman James Appathurai told Ukrainian journalists in Brussels on Friday.

Commenting on Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych's statement about Ukraine's intention to join the MAP when time comes and the Ukrainian society is ready to accept Ukraine's accession into NATO, James Appathurai noted that this intention was solely Ukraine's decision.

“We heard Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych's reassurances with regard to Ukraine's general foreign policy course toward Euro - Atlantic integration and Ukraine's wish to cooperate with NATO more closely. This is precisely what we are seeking. We wish to more actively cooperate with Ukraine and exert every effort toward implementing a broader program of bipartite cooperation. Making decisions on Ukraine's further Euro-Atlantic integration steps rests with Ukraine,” James Appathurai noted. In the NATO spokesperson's opinion, Ukraine - NATO cooperation is very good, which everybody in Ukraine should know.

“The parties do not need to invent anything new as the existent programs provide all the opportunities for deepening bipartite cooperation. I am not entitled to comment on what is Ukraine's internal affair. Ukrainian politicians must decide on how and how fast Ukraine should move toward NATO. We just want to know if Ukraine wishes to work with us. Viktor Yanukovych reaffirms this commitment. So we wish to work together, let's do it,” James Appathurai said.

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