In his interview to Hazeta Po-Ukrainsky (Newspaper in Ukrainian), Mykola Katerynchuk voiced an opinion that if the OU Bloc joins the broad coalition it will not be able to influence on the Cabinet’s work.

According to Katerynchuk, if the position of the deputies who have mantained their political integrity will be destroyed, they will be left with nothing. They will become the spent fuel of politics and will be totally subservient to the majority.
The deputy predicted that if they join the wide coalition the deputies will surrender their ideals and will simply become cogs in a 300 vote machine to rubber stamp questions like second langugelarge privatisation, Ukrzaliznytsa sale, sea ports etc.”
Katerynchuk is convinced that PM Yanukovich will not be a guarantor of democratic changes in Ukraine and in the business.
Katerynchuk revealed that he was genuinely sorry for SPU leader Tsushko who hangs his head in shame, unable to look people in the eye are he parrots phrases he himself doesn't believe. A shame as he used to be a strong man in opposition.
In closing, Katerynchuk said the main problem which caused the current situation was the inablilty of the Orange Forces to run on a united single ballot in the last election. We would have no problems now as we would have pulled 60%.

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