“It will be President of Ukraine who is commissioned to give a political assessment why PM Yanukovich did not announce about Ukraine’s accession to Action Plan on NATO membership. I suppose, it will be a public assessment,” stressed Minister Hrytsenko.

In his opinion, Pm of Ukraine as well as every high official must act in accordance with the Constitution rather than in accordance with “a party programs and election slogans.”

Minister Hrytsenko intends to submit an issue on further Ukraine-NATO bridging within the NSDCU to the Cabinet’s consideration. “Every body of power should know what directions they must implement,” summed up Hrytsenko.

Ukraine is ready to launch implementation of the Action Plan on NATO membership. Ukraine’s Defence Minister Hrytsenko revealed on Thursday.

“Our country has already approached to a stage of transition from intensified dialogue to formal launch of Action Plan on NATO Membership implementation,” said Minister Hrytsenko. “From military point of view, Ukraine is ready now to launch this transition and, in fact, such process is underway now,” added Defence Minister of Ukraine. But nevertheless, it must be “a mutual decision of Ukraine and NATO, Hrytsenko mentioned.

Earlier, Minister Hrytsenko revealed that Ministry of Defence had practically worked out an Action Plan in November 2005. According to Minister Hrytsenko, it would depend on results of PM Yanukovich’s visit to Brussels and meeting with NATO high officials whether or not that technical document would transformed into a political one.

Defence Minister of Ukraine Hrytsenko called PM Yanukovich’s statement on delay of Ukraine’s accession to Action Plan on NATO membership rather groundless, illogical and mistaken. He has revealed it on Friday at a press conference.


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