As analysts with the Kharkiv-based Alfa Capital Company believe, the Ukrainian stock market will calmly weather the current spell of what they termed "global nervousness" on European stock markets, the Cabinet media portal informs.

According to the analysts, lowering oil prices have triggered lowering major oil companies' indices. On September 11, they noted, the RTS dropped by 3.5 points on the Russian Stock Exchange, with petroleum sold at 65.5 USD per barrel. However, the First Stock Trading System of Ukraine responded to this very calmly, including the UkrNafta's stocks, the quotation of which remained unchanged. The FSTS's index even rose to 413 points. Stocks of the LuhanskTeplovoz and ZakhidEnergo companies were in brisk demand, the analysts noted.

They predicted that towards September's close quotations at the FSTS will grow.


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