Ukraine should carry on its Euro integration course, cooperating with the EU in implementing the
Ukraine - EU Action Plan, Amanda Akcakoca, an expert with the European Policy Centre, told Ukrainian journalists in Brussels on the eve of Premier Victor Yanukovych's visit there.
According to Ms Akcakoca, the European partners' attitude to the new Ukrainian government is unbiased as it was formed as a result of the democratic elections. However, the EU party is keen on learning the incumbent Ukrainian Government's program with regard to Ukraine - EU relations.
Needless to say that many Europeans remember PM Yanukovich as a Kuchma-time politician. Nevertheless, we must not draw conclusions, proceeding from what he did yesterday or the day before yesterday. Rather, we'd better have a look at what he is doing now in the capacity of Prime Minister, Ms Akcakoca noted.
In her opinion, the new Ukrainian government's paramount task is to attain the nation's unity, which is why the Victor Yanukovich Cabinet must convincingly substantiate its moves toward Ukraine's European and Euro-Atlantic integration in the Ukrainian public's yes, Ms Akcakoca said.

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