Victor Yushchenko has met with Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych to addess a wide range of social and economic issues.

The PM of Ukraine told the President his government was now formulating a long-term strategy of Ukraine’s development. President Yushchenko insisted that they should use some ideas generated by the previous government and stick to the National Unity Pact when developing the strategy but also remember negative tendencies of the past and try to avoid making mistakes in the future.

They thoroughly discussed the energy issue. The Premier said he was going to present new energy projects soon. He characterized the local oil market as stable, adding that Ukraine’s oil refineries purified more crude every month to meet the country’s energy needs, the president press office reports.

Then they considered ways to form the budget-2007. Victor  Yanukovych said he was going to meet governors to discuss the social and economic development of the regions.

President Yushchenko and PM Yanukovich also talked about the President's recent visit to Azerbaijan.


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