A group of journalists more famous as representatives of the public organisations submitted a collective application to Donetsk Prosecutor Oleksiy Bahanets which reads about violations committed by Donetsk City Council officials and Donetsk Mayor Luk’yanchenko in particular. The application is signed by Maria Oliynyk, a correspondent of Shlyakh Peremohy and Slovo Prosvity, Kateryna Furmanyuk and Vadym Cherkass, a deputy editor and a correspondent of Hromadska Pravda.

On September 11, at 9.50 am the representatives of the local mass media came to Donetsk City Executive Council for covering the 4th session of the City Council. But unknown men forbade them entering the building. According to the policemen standing next to the unknown men, the City Council was blocked by personal instructions of Donetsk Mayor Oleksandr Luk’yanchenko. As a reminder, prevention of the legal professional journalistic activity violates the acts of Ukraine on Local Self-Government in Ukraine, on Information and on Mass Media.

As it was known later, Mayor Luk’yanchenko gave instructions to issue the special passes for the representatives of “accredited” mass media. Thereby, the journalists have been premeditatedly divided according to the principle “ours” and “strangers.”

The author of the applications do not doubt the fact that “Mayor Luk’yanchenko acted this way under permission and with participation of the law enforcement agencies, the police and the Prosecutor’s office included.” They classify it as “an organised crime of forethought.”

The mass media representatives urge the Donetsk Prosecutor’s Office to establish the violations of the Law and to bring an action against Donetsk Mayor Luk’yanchenko.


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