PM Yanukovich is to take part in a session of the EU-Ukraine Cooperation Council in Brussels. In the course of the meeting, the European Commission hopes to get familiar with the Ukrainian Cabinet's plan to continue reforms, European Commission spokesperson Emma Udwin told journalists on the eve of the Ukrainian Premier's visit to Brussels on Monda, the Cabinet press office reports.

"We want the new Prime Minister to voice his standpoint as for drafting a new agreement between the EU and Ukraine, talks into which will start in 2007 and find out his plan as for implementation of procedures of joining the World Trade Organization,” said Ms Udwin.

According to Ms Udwin, the European Commission hopes for policy succession of the Ukrainian government, which will continue the pro-European and reformation course chosen before.

Touching on Ukraine's relations with Russia Emma Udwin noted that the EU has always had a clear position on that: Ukraine should not choose between close relations with Europe and close relations with Russia. The only thing, she went on, that could be challenging is creating a free trade area with Russia, as it can happen to be a difficult consequence and obstacle while moving forward in creating a free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU.


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