Fitch Ratings, the World Rating Agency, has released a recent report on the investors’ risk evaluation in dozens countries. In accordance with the statistic, Ukraine is placed among the category of utmost risk for the next half of the year.

The fast growing in number and volume credits and stabilisation of the national currency have intensified the system risk in the Ukraine’s economics, the Agency reports.

The world investors attentively consider the factors leading to the system crisis in the economics taking into account the recent instability of the world markets. The potential risk for investors in such cases is caused by the significant credits increase, stability of the national currency and the fast growth in real estate price.

Richard Fox, one of the authors of the report, outlined that the real increase in credits made 30-40% in Ukraine of the last year. The perspective of the risk for Ukraine’s economics may be very appreciable considering the strong currency and the high stock prices.


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