The traditional international producer film festival "Kino-Yalta" has been unveiled in Yalta.

The festival was opened by the Russian film "Money Day", featuring Aleksandr Baryshov, Alisa Grebenshchikova and Eugeniy Stychkin. A special screen was mounted to watch the film, Cabinet’s press office reported.

Ukraine represented four films at the competition, including the "Happy People” by Oleksandr Shapiro, the "Orange Love" by Alan Badoyev, the "Orange Sky" by Oleksandr Kyrylenko and the "Shtlonia" (adit) by Liubomyr Kobylchuk.

Another Ukraine’s city Odessa held a Polish film festival. The 7-day event involved numerous films shows. As many as 6 premiers were on the agenda of the program.

The event also involved participation of famous Polish director Kszysztof Zanussi, who represented his film "Persona Non Grata”, featuring Zbignev Zapasevich, Daniel Olbrihsky, Ezy Sztur, Nikita Mikhalkov and Andrey Smirnov.

The represented films included the "Court's Executor", the "I Exist", the "Ode to Happiness" and the "Short Film about Love".

With the framework of the project a photo exhibition of Polish director "Kszysztof Keshlewski was organized."


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