“The Our Ukraine does not agree to join the current coalition but stands for the formation of a new one with a new name - the Coalition of national unity” – Yuri Klyuchkovskyi, MP, presidential representative in the parliament said.

As the MP has explained, the coalition will be reorganized from legal point of view. “In order to avoid legal formalities, it is better to talk about the coalition’s reorganization with an obligatory signature of a new coalition agreement and the coalition name’s change,” Klyuchkovskyi said, OU press office quoted.

“The coalition name’s change is a matter of principle for the Our Ukraine as we don’t see the crisis the anti-crisis coalition is aimed at. According to the Memorandum signed right after the National Unity pact, the point is about the formation of a coalition of national unity and the signature of a new agreement. Such a name is to underline the main purpose of the Pact and the coalition’s formation. It is made for national unity,” the MP said.


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