Speaking at the meeting with US Assistant Secretary, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Daniel Fried, VR Chairman Moroz voiced an opinion that now the branches of Ukrainian power demonstrate more confidence in each other.

Moroz emphasised that the parliament of Ukraine now accounts for the Cabinet’s activity. “It suggests a basis for normal relations between different branches of the power,” specified Speaker Moroz.

In the course of the meeting the participants discussed wide-range of questions related to Ukraine’s foreign policy. The VR Chairman said that the recent visit of PM of Ukraine to Poland had proved that Ukraine’s foreign policy remained immutable. In order to preserve this course, Ukraine bridges with the neighbouring countries as well.

Touching upon issues related to Ukraine’s accession to WTO, Moroz informed that the Cabinet had submitted corresponding drafts and the cooperative work would be launched as soon as possible.

Regarding Ukraine-NATO relations, Speaker Moroz assured that Ukraine would keep implementing liabilities of the Ukraine-NATO Action Plan taking into account that the public opinion towards NATO is still rather negative. According to his believe, Ukrainian population should be informed about Alliance programs related to the fight with the drug and human trafficking, international terrorism.

US Assistant Secretary Fried in his turns said: “Relations with NATO is in absolute competence of Ukraine.” Ukrainian society lacks consensus in this question, he added.

“We would like the relations with NATO to be in the interests of Ukraine and Ukraine to feel comfortable,” concluded Mr. Fried.


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