Poland was pleased with the visit of Ukraine’s PM Victor Yanukovich, which took place September 6. After Yanukovich’s visit to Economic forum in Krinitsa, Chairman of the Centre of International relations Evgeniush Smolyar drew a conclusion that “policy of Ukraine has become more pragmatic.”

The visit of the Ukraine’s PM reassured Poles, as they did not understand what was happening in Kyiv during last months, the editor of weekly “The Warsaw Voice” considers. “The fact of Premier Yanukovich’s arrival in Poland to visit Economic forum witnesses about remaining of good contacts between both countries. Pragmatic approach and aim at good-neighbouring relations prevail in Poland’s and Ukraine’s governments,” the editor considers.

Head of the parliamentary commission on foreign affairs Pavel Zalevsky considers that Yanukovich’s participation in the forum is of great importance, as, according to him, “Ukraine stands on a cross-road, and its further direction is unknown.”


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