Ukraine beat Georgia 3-2 (31` Shevchenko, 38` Arveladze, 61` Rotan, 61` Demetradze, 80` Rusol).

The Euro-2008 qualification match between Ukraine and Georgia football teams was held on Olimpijsky Stadium, Kyiv. 35,000 spectators and fans gathered to see the event.

Blokhin’s team consisted of 1.Shovkovsky, 2.Nesmachny, 4.Timoshchyuk, 6.Rusol, 7.Shevchenko (cap), 8.Shelayev, 9.Husev, 11.Rebrov (10.Voronin, 57), 14.Husin, 17.Tkachenko (16.Vorobey, 65) and 21.Rotan. Reserve: 23.Kernozenko, 19.Kalinichenko, 20.Belik and 22.Svidersky.

Georgian team was represented by 34.Chanturia, 14.Gogua, 16.Asatiaani, 13.Khizanishvili, 36.Imedashvili (35.Kandelaki, 35), 22.Kankava, 10.Kobiashvili (cap), 30.Demetradze, 5.Kvirkelia (20.Mudzhiri, 82), 18.Menteshashvili (32.Ashvetia, 83) and 11.Arveladze.
Referees: Jaroslav Jara (Czechia) with the assistance of Patrick Filipek and Antonin Kordula (Czechia).
Ukraine will have to plug the gaps ahead of their second outgoing on October 7 against Italy, who then travel to Georgia four days later, UEFA informs.
Speaking at the press conference after the match, Ukraine’s Chief Coach Oleh Blokhin said: “I have said before the game that all starting games in any tournament are always hard and nervous. You see, the same has happened today. We had insignificant problems in our play and we were trying to patch them up in the course of the game. I suppose, Georgia as well as Ukraine deserved to be a winner today. But as I have said it before, our team has got psychological fibre after the World Cup in Germany. It helped us to gain three points in today match. I thank the guys for such a performance under such difficult conditions. We succeeded to start and now we are to train for Italy in good spirits. We also will eliminate defects which, frankly speaking, we have, especially, in defense.

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