Secretariat Chief of Staff Oleh Rybachuk spoke on economic and political changes in Ukraine at a meeting of theEuropean Business Association.

Mr. Rybachuk said the dynamics of Ukraine’s economic development depended on harmonic cooperation of political parties and institutions. He added the President was thereby determined to make the country’s political elite unite to protect national intereststhe president press office reports.

“The Head of State will soon discuss this issue with the prime minister, Verkhovna Rada speaker and leaders of all the parliamentary factions,” he said.

The Chief of Staff characterized the National Unity Pact as a ‘road map’ of Ukraine’s development, saying the new government should observe it to carry out home reforms and initiate effective international cooperation.

Mr. Rybachuk also focused on Ukraine’s European integration and WTO accession. He is convinced we will join the World Trade Organization by the end of this year “if the government and parliament effectively cooperate and keep their promises.”

The Chief of Staff then said parliamentarians would soon consider bills proposed by the President to reform the judicial system.

“The President of Ukraine aims to ensure economic growth and improve the investment climate,” he said.


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