The analysts of the Universal Investment Group forecast the sale boom of brand-new automobiles in Ukraine in the second half of 2006, which will exceed 370,000 cars. The growth will be at least at 40% comparing with 2005.

According to the analysts, sales of brand-new autos will keep increasingly exceeding these of used cars as Ukraine is approaching European standards of automobiles per person, with the Ukrainian population's real incomes keeping growing, the Cabinet press office informs.

Besides, the analysts noted, steeply rising prices for real estate have forced many citizens to abandon hopes to buy a new apartment and opted to buy new automobiles.

According to the Universal Investment Group's data, in June 2006 4,320 Daewoo cars were sold, along with 2,664 Chevrolet autos, 1,087 Hyundai cars and 746 Nissan automobiles.


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