Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich promises to support strategy of Ukraine’s accession into NATO as the head of the government, and to carry out a decision of his party as a politician.

“As for NATO, Ukraine’s strategy is approved. As a Premier I will second this position. Instead of this, as a politician I will examine this process and carry out all decision, approved by my party,” Yanukovich said in an interview to “Rzechpospolita” during his visit to Poland.

“This question demands a lot of work. We need to inform the society. Also we need to realize joint projects with NATO to persuade people that cooperation with the Alliance will be useful for Ukraine,” Yanukovich added.

In response to the question whether the party he heads is pro-Russian, Yanukovich said: “Party of Regions was found in 1997. The first program of the party provided for integration with EU structures. This point of the program is still of current importance.”

The PM added that his party is “pro-Ukrainian.”


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