Responding to the journalists’ questions, PM Yanukovich stresses that Ukrainian gas-transport system is and will be the property of Ukraine, to give it to Russia is out of question.

“It has never been and will not be an issue for discussion,” the Polish Press Agency quoted the PM of Ukraine.

PM Yanukovich assured the journalists that Russia would not ain control over the Ukrainian gas-transport network but probably take part in its reconstruction.

“Ukraine is interested in the reconstruction for purpose to scale up the gas transit to Europe, and it needs investments. If we start talking about the reconstruction, the question of an international consortium will arouse. Thereby, we may discuss this issue not only with Russia but with other countries as well,” said PM Yanukovich.

Regarding the gas price, Victor Yanukovich responded that this item would be addressed in accordance with “transparent market conditions.”

As a reminder, Ukrainian gas-transport system consists of 37,500 km, 71 compressor stations and 13 underground gas storages with 32 milliard cu. m in volume.


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