September 5, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Tarasyuk met the Foreign Ministers of the Vyshegrad Four countries in Slovakia. It was the first working meeting of the Ministers after the formation of the new cabinets in these countries.

In the course of the meeting, the Foreign Ministers of Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland expressed their support for the priority development of the partner ties with Ukraine and further active cooperation within the special projects which are implemented under the aegis of the V4.

Regarding the Euro integration course of Ukraine, the ministers stated their willingness to keep sharing the V4 experience of integration into the Euro and Atlantic institutions, especially in the formation of the public opinion regarding the advantages of the EU and NATO membership.

The main attention was paid to the issues related to the trans-boundary cooperation, the visa simplification and repatriation.
Tarasyuk meets Kinga Goncz
Foreign Minister Tarasyuk expressed thankfulness to the International V4 Fund which allots means for Ukrainian students to study in the prestigious universities of the V4 countries-members.

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Borys Tarasyuk also met with Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Hungary Kinga Goncz.


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