Our Ukraine member Anatoly Kinakh declares that new format of the coalition must solve the problem of confrontation in the power structure.

“I respect our political colleagues, but I am not sure that the antic-crisis coalition of the CPU, the SPU and the Party of Regions, having very deep ideological differences on some points, is capable to settle the problem of consolidation of our society,” Anatoly Kinakh said in the air of the TV channel “Inter”.

“Therefore we should search for a new wide format, but not the variant “winners-losers” or “revenge-capitulation” but the variant of consolidation of our efforts for national interests,” he added.

“The point is not about the bargaining,” Anatoly Kinakh noted, “The point is about a very serious systematic problem of the deep confrontation in political power structures. After 15 years of independence all political forces must understand that the state and the society can be competitive only in case of consolidation of political will, intellect, resource and personnel. Our position does not change in this context. The country has to use its chance”.

In response to the question whether the Our Ukraine political force would agree to be in a coalition with the CPU, Kinakh said everything depended on the way the political forces were ready to put national interests above political or commercial opportunities.


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