In his interview to Pole journalists, PM Yanukovich particularly stated that the Orange revolution was inevitable because the society needed and wanted changes.

“There are two standpoints in considering the events happened in 2004. The one viewpoint is that the events were unpleasant for me and my party. But from the other hand, we gained the best experience of being in the opposition after 2004. What happened there was surely inevitable. Ukrainians waited for changes,” cited the PM’s words Rzechpospolita.

He also emphasized that the politicians have realised that since Ukraine became independent country “the lack of social trust in the power remained the most pressing trouble.”

“The power was ineffective, all the government management worked badly. I also realised that the country became ready for a political reform and changes. 2004 was the key year for the beginning of the constitutional reform,” added PM Yanukovich.

He also drew attention of the presenting public to the current process of the broad coalition formation where both oranges and blues are taking part in.

“We may say that the Ukrainian people won, and the politicians need only to fill up the ditch of distrust still remaining in the society,” concluded Yanukovich.


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