In January - August 2006 the national budget's general fund was replenished with $12.3 milliard which made 101.3 % of the planned sum.

The State Tax Administration raised $6.760 milliard, which made 10.9 %-increase in comparison with the last year's similar period.

The State Custom Service raised $4.62 milliard.

Increments were registered in collecting the VAT (+14.4 %), in rentals for transit transportation of gas across Ukraine's territory, which netted $260 million, the Cabinet press office informs.

However, the national budget's deficit grew to UAH 4.351 milliard by August, which was 1.7% of Ukraine's GDP, in comparison with UAH 2.237 milliard budgetary deficit in 2005.

The 2006 national budget law provides for mustering UAH125,785.1million revenues, including the general fund's UAH 96, 564.4 million revenues and the special fund's UAH 29,220.7 million revenues.


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