On the instructions of President Yushchenko the Head of the President’s Secretariat Oleh Rybachuk talked with PM Yanukovich regarding the Cabinet press release consisting the item on Russian language’s status. He revealed it in his interview to Kommersant-Ukraine out on Tuesday.

According to Rybachuk’s words, the Russian language issue is not PM’s viewpoint. “The Prime Minister of Ukraine promised to prevent such incidents when the mass media were handed the documents which had not been considered by the Cabinet,” stressed Rybachuk.

Regarding PM Yanukovich’s statements on suspension of Ukraine’s accession to NATO Action Plan, Rybachuk said: “As far as I know, the PM’s visit to Brussels is scheduled on September; he is to voice Ukraine’s official position. During his talks with the President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovich pledged not to change the Euro integration course of the country. I think that Yanukovich is a man of his word and will keep his promises.”

The Head of the President’s Secretariat also revealed President Yushchenko’s criteria of the Cabinet’s effectiveness: “It is very important for the President how the budget will be formed. It would be preferable if the budget will be non-deficit. The second index is the foreign policy. The results of PM Yanukovich’s visit to Brussels will be weighty as well. The next important issue is how the parliament will vote for the president’s drafts. The fight against the corruption and personnel policy are in the President’s list.”


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