The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a plan of urgent measures aimed at resolving the crises in the economic and social spheres by the end of 2006, Cabinet’s press office reported.

The measures include, among other things, holding talks on resuming delivery of natural gas to Ukraine from Turkmenistan and on the possibility of buying additional gas from Russia as well as closing the gap in the timetable for pumping natural gas into underground storage facilities.

The government also plans to draft national and regional plans for effective use of energy resources for the 2006-2007 period.

It also plans to pay the wages owed to coal miners, bring budget expenditures in line with real budget revenues, reduce unproductive budget expenditures, and coordinate its actions aimed at implementing a balanced tax, budgetary, monetary, and credit policy with the National Bank of Ukraine.

The government also plans to unify export, import, and domestic freight tariffs and to continue raising the costs of utility services to economically justified levels.


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