Ministry for Culture and Tourism has formed an expert council on circus animal protection from cruel treatment. The new department is attached to the State Circus Company of Ukraine.

The recent scandals connected with the mobile circus and the circus performances with the animals forced the officials made such step.

Lots environmental organisations are indignant at the state of thing in circuses. Many of them violate the Law. However, the new department has roused greens’ censure because none of their representatives were included in the new body which was even formed in close regime.

“I hear it for the first time! There is not any cooperation, they keep all info from us!” crossly commented Tamara Tarnavskaya, the Chairman of SOS animal protection organisation. According to her believe, the Ministry scares the influence of the environmental organisations because they constantly alert the public to the rude violations of the Law within the animal protection field.

“That is why we were ignored. But neither vet nor legal expert can protect tortured animal,” stressed Tarnavskaya.


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