The cooperation program between Sevastopol and Moscow authorities for 2006 - 2007 was signed in Moscow Monday, which provides for establishment of Council of Business Cooperation, Cabinet’s press office reported.

According to Sevastopol mayor Kunitsyn, the Council will be engaged in establishing contacts between businesses and enterprises.

The Sevastopol mayor, in particular, means to attract Moscow authorities to take part in reconstruction of the historical part of the city, which will be launched in October.

Moreover, according to Kunitsyn, over recently the Moscow authorities have built almost 3,000 sq. m of dwelling in Sevastopol and some 8,000 sq. m. more dwelling is supposed to be ready in 2006.

The cooperation program between Sevastopol and Moscow had existed before 2005, but it was not prolonged. The agreement to sign the new cooperation program was reached in August during a Moscow delegation's visit to Sevastopol within the framework of marking Day of Fleet.


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