Ukraine's energy security is improving, on the whole, and the authorities forge conscious policy to this end, in such a way the situation in Ukraine was assessed by the British research centre Oxford Business Group. The article “Preparing for Winter” out on September 1 is placed in Ukraine’s page of the OBG official site.

The new publication by the British analysts informing investors about events on developing markets, concerns the energy sector of Ukraine. The OBG remarked the new Cabinet's moves to create enough gas reserves for winter in Ukrainian gasholders. Though Russia might raise price for gas in January, the 600-million UAH stabilization funds, which the Cabinet is creating now, will make the gas price hike less painful for the economy, the British experts believe.

The OBG analysts also paid attention to the Cabinet's move to make 10% discounts for electricity to big gas consumers, of which move will first of all big metallurgical and extracting enterprises profit. Thus, the experts noted, Ukraine is abandoning the practice, when fuel was sold to enterprises at higher price to compensate low prices to the population,the Cabinet press office informs.

According to the publication, the USA and EU are interested in energy security of Ukraine and offer many-million loans for development of its energy sector.


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